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    Ok, Help

    Trying to find a vacuume system for my pot. Going to build both a vac and pressure pot combo, found really good plans.

    need to compare the following and see if anyone has experiance with them.

    My thinking is that I already have a HUGE air compressor....why would I spend 160 bucks on a vac system if I can do it with my air compressor?

    Would one of you technically minded people please take a look at those and see if my logic is sound or flawed knowing that I plan on using the above system for stabilizing wood and making resin blanks.
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    Can't comment on either. But the one for 20 bucks is worth a try. If it doesn't meet your needs the cost is not a killer.
    I paid $100.00 for a Gast with filters, valves, etc. Got a real bargain.
    Understand, if you are stabilizing, the solvents (Acetone, MEC, etc.) will eventually destroy any plastic parts inside. I know I'll have to do a rebuild on my pump eventually.
    BTW, for stabilizing, I am not a believer in using pressure. A well known law of physics is that nature abhors a vacuum. If you only use vacuum the solution will fill the voids.
    You got me to thinking (that doesn't happen often ) the $20.00 pump might be worth me trying. At that price, it will be cheaper for me to discard and buy another instead of rebuilding my Gast.
    The IAP penturning forum has an active area just for casting and stabilizing. You might want to check it out.
    Good luck. Let us know what you do.
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    Hi Drew

    Look here , its Joe Woodworkers site he has tons of info on vacuum outfits, sure there is something that you could use with your compressor.

    Good luck

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    okie dokie

    Thats kind of what I was thinking Frank. At 20 bucks it's much less hassle to just throw it away and get another one than rebuild one. Probably cheaper too.

    Thanks Rob, I'll check out that site.
    Husband and Daddy is my primary job, the other thing I do is for money.


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