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Thread: Spalted HF

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    Spalted HF

    Vaughn will have to remind me what kind of wood this is because I forgot. 5x3 with 1-1/2" mouth and 1/4" walls. Took some time orientating this one because of the spalting. It has a very slight foot and if the profile pic doesn't show it, a nice lift. Sanded to 4-0 steelwool and 2 coats of Formbey's Tung oil. I'll add one or 2 more then WoP. The oil really did darken it up and with one more piece of this, I may try something lighter. C&C welcome and encouraged! Enjoy
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spalt1.jpg   splat3.jpg   spalt4.jpg   splat5.jpg   spalt2 (768 x 576).jpg  

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    Great looking HF Jim!
    Very pleasing to the eye.
    That timber has some nice spalting.
    Well done.

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    Very pleasing to the eye. Good looking wood too.

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    Looks real good, Jim. You're on a roll now, buddy.

    That's spalted alder from a tree in my neighbor Ellie's yard that was taken down about 3 years ago. I've gotten quite a few pieces out of that tree.
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    Jim that is another great looking HF. I really like the wood and the form is very pleasing to me.
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    NIce job on a nice spalted piece. I think it looks pretty darn good with the oil on it. You seem to have a good grasp of the minimonster. I like it!

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    Jim yet enother good looking piece. I sure am enviuos of you being able to take trips down to Vaughns place and get personal hands on help.

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