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    Art work

    Larry said I should display some of my work so check them out in my album.

    By the way the lady who asked me to re due the Breaking of Bread painting was ecstatic ! I delivered it this morning and she also commissioned me to do a painting for the foyer. Not sure as to what yet. We will talk after Christmas.

    The Before has the windows and the after is ....better LOL It took me 17 hours to do my work and I told her I could spend 20 more hours on it and she puked up and asked what I would do. I said detail, but I stopped at a point that still lended itself to the style intended. If I go any further the painting would begin to take on a classical look and would need to be finish as such. It will hang in the Dinning room but a bit higher LOL
    The only part of the painting I did not touch was the faces, apples and 2 tall vases.
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    hey dave that sure looks good where they have it placed.. how would anyone get into those high cab doors,, a ladder would be needed??? can believe someone made them that high from the floor
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