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Thread: What I love about this place and why I keep coming back!

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    Thumbs up What I love about this place and why I keep coming back!

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have helped me out on whatever little projects I might have been working on.

    It all came home today when I was struggling to remove some old flooring.

    I asked a question about repairing the subfloor and within minutes I had answers to my questions and several suggestions from some of our more experienced and helpful members.

    And that's not a rare occurrence here, it's something that happens almost every time I point my browser at FWW.

    So a hearty Thanks! to all of you guys with experience that help out the folks like me, that usually have more questions than answers!!!

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    Same sentiments from me.
    My projects have come out so much better with all the generous help I get from those more experienced.
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    that will be one dozen bdt"s brent yu got my address
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    Yep, what goes around comes around, I too have been helped out more than just a "Thanks" can express, so I do try to help out when I can
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