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Thread: Reference material storage

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    Reference material storage

    Someone very nice on another forum sent me about 30-35 old woodworking magazines and now I have the happy task of finding a home for them. I watched the one episode of Rough Cut they've shown here (thanks PBS - don't count on me come the next fund drive), and they had a multipurpose cabinet with tools and the lower shelf held magazines and binders.

    I'm not so much looking for plans, but ideas. If you come across any pictures of what I'm looking for, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

    And honestly, I'd be happy to see any shop-related storage pictures you come up with as well. I'm always looking for new ideas.

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    ADF Scanner.

    Seriously... I've got over 450 woodworking mags scanned. Went from 4 bank boxes to the equivalent of 4 DVD's worth of storage. Best move I ever made and the up side (besides the space savings) is they're search-able!


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    Scanning them isn't a bad idea. Something I may look into. I do like physical pages while in the shop though, maybe a combination of the two.

    I have a binder full of plans as well, those will definitely need a home. Perhaps a simple shelf.

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