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Thread: Successful Weekend ...........

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    Successful Weekend ...........

    At the two day Westerner Park Christmas Bazaar Craft Show and Sale was very successful!

    To clear out my inventory of the Low End Streamline Pens and Mechanical Pencils I had a "Buy One Get One Half Price" offer on day one and on day two I had a "Make Me a Reasonable Offer" sale and I was able to get rid of a total of 42 Slimline Pens and 14 Pen and Pencil sets over the two days.

    Now for my regular priced pens I sold 8 Pheasant Feather EBs, 6 Feathers and Flies EB's, a couple of Sedona's, 4 Shredded Currency Sierra's, 3 SS Cable EB's, 10 Rifle Cartridge Pens of various calibers and Antler, 2 - 50 Cal Cross Bullet Pens, 3 Perfect Fits and numerous Bullet and Antler Key Rings, along with some Pill and Tooth Pick Holders.

    Also got orders for some Pheasant Feather EB's and Feathers and Flies.

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    Congrats on the successful show, Les. You had a fine-looking display, so I'm glad to hear it paid off.
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    Nice looking booth Les. Congrats on the sales
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    That a great looking display.....

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    Great looking booth Les and congrats on the sales. Sounds like a really successful time.
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    Good for you congratulations on the sales Les. Even better i applaud you for your promotional technique.

    Good to see those feather and fly pens are selling well. I think they would make a great Xmas gift for someone.

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    Merry Christmas Les Great way to start off the holidays
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    Great looking booth Les. Congrats on the successful weekend

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    Great Show. You had the kind of results most people only wish for.

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