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Thread: Some precision flatwork..Not

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    Some precision flatwork..Not

    Well I was in Florida for Thanksgiving plus a little and made this simple raised garden frame for my daughter. The bow is also homemade by my wife. I hope they get some good eating out of it. I only made one cut but again was amazed by my Bosh jig saw. I carried it down because of its size..
    I cross cut one of the 2x8s and don't think my circular saw would have done any better..

    She didn't want any chemicals so I'' see how this SYP will hold up..
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    Hey, precision or not, wood is wood, and it's all good.
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    Useing PT is not going to harm anything. The PH levels you are working with will not allow anything to leach out.
    Ihave around 60 of these

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    Some nice looking beds. How far north are you? Judging by the leaves you are up a ways....

    Asa far as the PT I wasn't sure and she is my daughter so you can tell her things but you can't tell her much and I didn't know for sure about the PT stuff. And it will be interesting to see how the SYP stands up.

    About 6 of your beds would be thier whole yard....


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    Reg, those are some great looking beds! I made one last year but the dog decided he like to use it for a dig box, so I let him have it

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    Thanks Gary, Jim
    I am in Tennessee. PT is salt treated with boron. It won't leach out with the PH, 5,6,7, that you will be using in your beads. I give classes on this type of gardening with a chemist friend of mine through the Master Gardening program of UT. The big advantage we have is we use no "regular" dirt. We use 75% composted horse manure-sawdust and 25% sand. The trick is the composted sawdust and manure. When done properly it kills the weed seeds and any pathogens. It allows me to start a little earlier in the season and I have lettuce, spinach,turnip greens, and radishes in the garden now.

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