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Thread: interesting source of exotic wood

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    interesting source of exotic wood

    I hope Im not disclosing some govt secret here.
    I met a guy the other night who purchased some of my equipment I was selling off.
    IM putting this out there for anyone else who might find this interesting.
    He gets alot of exotic woods, from countries all over the world, (he mentioned alot of rosewood), from tiling importers.
    He says the pieces run up to 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, a nice sized board I thought.
    Seems the tiles are packed in the country they are made, and shipped very well packed/crated in hardwoods easily found in that country.
    Just sharing this in case anyone who makes boxes might want to speak to a local flooring or tiling guy near them and pick up some cheap exotic wood.

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    Interesting. We have a new, fairly large, company in that business here. I'll check them out.
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    Great info Allen, thanks.

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    There are a couple of tile importers around me I'll check the out. Good idea
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