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Thread: I Saved a Japanese Chiyogami

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    I Saved a Japanese Chiyogami

    After I had a wreck due to "Operator Error" with this blank from Branden (Penl8the).
    Repaired with Med CA, turned, sanded 400x, buffed with super fine steel wool and polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.
    Installed on a Titanium Gold/Black Titanium Elegant Beauty.

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    One thing that separates the skilled from the unskilled is how well they fix mistakes and accidents.

    I'd say you definitely showed your skill on this one, Les.
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    Les you are the man. That is a great save on a beautiful pen.
    Bernie W.

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    Les, very nice save. That is one beautiful pen but then again, all the pens that you make are beautiful.

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