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  • leave panels loose in project

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  • anchor panels in project

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Thread: pre finish or not

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    pre finish or not

    you have a project with panels in it, do you prefinish it or just finish together?

    do you glue in panels or leave them loose?
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    So far I have had good luck just applying the sealer coat (I use dewaxed shellac) prior to assembly. I apply the finish coats after assembly. I also place a drop of glue at the center of the top and bottom rails to hold the panel centered.

    This works for me, but please remember I live in a high desert climate and the humidity variations here are much less than in many other parts of the world.
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    Prefinish and one drop of glue in the middle.

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    I use a headless pin in the center
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    Well I guess my answers were wrong
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    Larry you should always pre finish everything you can before assembling. Keep any over spray off. Or if you are brushing it is much easier to lay out flat work then over head or sides.
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    If I'm staining my project I'll Sand and stain the panels and the profiled edge of the stiles and rails. When I assemble them I'll use a pin nailer and put a pin in the top and bottom of the center of the panel.

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    I pre-finish panels and any hard to get to areas. I sometimes pre-finish so much the shop looks like a Ready To Assemble furniture staging area. I fix panels in place with space balls or like substance or for smaller pieces I just tack one or two areas with glue.
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    I agree with prefinishing the edges of your panels before assembly a spot of glue in the middle works or a 22 ga nail can work but I feel glue is less lightly to come loose or damage your frame.
    Unless your dealing with plywood or mdf products it's never a good idea to completely glue your panel in due to wood movement problems.

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    We're talking for a five piece door right?

    I never pre-finish panels. Most homes are so well controlled there isn't much issue with expansion/contraction.

    Don't glue panels in either. Space balls, or one brad at the top+bottom.
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