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    I have a project in mind that I would like to try soapstone or similar natural material that could be worked with common wood working tools. I'm thinking along the lines of scrap pieces. Does anyone have information where one might purchase small pieces like maybe something a 4x8x1/2 inch pieces could be cut from? And some would need to finish 13/16" thick.

    The only soapstone I have ever touched is the piece I use to mark for cutting and welding so I may be off in left field here. Just tell me if I am.

    Thanks, Bob

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    Bob most of your quarries will have soapstone. You will need a few heavy rasps for cutting away the stone and funner files to smooth it before you start with the sand paper. I done a little soap stone work back in the day. College. Fun material to work with. Just tell them you need a rock usually they are around 12"x12" and larger.
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    Since it's used for counter-tops, and is currently somewhat popular for that, perhaps a local countertop fabricator will have scraps - like maybe sink cutouts, etc. - for sale. Might even let you rifle thru the scrap bins if you're lucky...
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