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Thread: Update on New Mt Fuji Workshop and Tool Selection

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    Update on New Mt Fuji Workshop and Tool Selection

    New Shop Update

    I sent an email previously about my new woodshop at the foot of Mt. Fuji. This email is to update and get some opinion about the tools I plan to buy.

    First, Last week I went to Honolulu to visit my new grandchildren. My son and his wife had a baby girl, Asana, on April 16th. My daughter and her husband had a baby girl, Hanae, on September 10th. Only the second time to meet "Asa chan" and the first to meet "Hana chan" Hopefully, attached is a picture. The silly grandfather with the big smile is me. Asa chan is the bigger little girl. Top left to right is my daughter, daughter in law and better half.

    During the trip I had two additional objectives. One was to get some stuff out of storage and ship it back to Tokyo. The second was to visit Woodcraft to look at tools. I did not anticipate buying anything (really) but the prices were much much better than I thought they would be in Honolulu.

    So, after laboring for a full day to sort through three Public Storage lockers I had all my 'stuff' in one locker. Five boxes of books, four boxes of chinaware etc, two small tansu, and a broken chest of drawers. Called the movers and they came to give an estimate. Said that the minimum charge would be for 1170lbs and I only had 800 or so. So, I had space for a tool or two from Woodcraft and three windows (36x36) for the new woodshop. Went out and bought them and got them into storage. Then a bombshell dropped. The quote came back for $4800!!! to ship to Mt. Fuji. The cost was not in Japan but in HAWAII. Got kinda sick to my stomach, if you know that feeling. Debated for a day and decided that I was not going to ship at that cost.

    Now, I still have my storage ($66 a month) but now have a 14' Powermatic bandsaw and three pretty useless windows added to the storage space. So, back to the drawing board. I can return the bandsaw to Woodcraft and return the windows to HomeDepot. Or, I can go to Plan B. So, here is what I came up with.

    PLAN B

    Return the windows. Call Woodcraft and order the tools I was planning to buy (minus the lathe). When they know the tools I want to buy they can estimate the volume and number of pallets and call the freight forwarder/consolidator to get a quote to Tokyo port. Once I know that estimate I will then call the forwarder and ask if I can add a pallet with my storage items, which by this time will have been significantly reduced.

    Now, to my question for the group. Here is the list of my proposed purchases. As Stuart will tell you, in Japan anyone of them would probably cost what the total is for all of them. Also, when shipping internationally a lot of fixed costs are the same if there is only one item or ten. My question: Are these good choices? I am very much an amateur. My primary goal is to start woodturning again. I do want the capability to make small projects and if I have any skill to expand my activities. I will buy my lathe separately. I used to have a VicMarc 300VL but had to sell it. I will start with a midi and then decide on my primary lathe later. Nothing in Woodcraft rocked my boat or the cost was too much.

    My woodshop is 400 sq ft with an 11 foot ceiling.

    "The List"

    Table Saw Jet JPS-10 cost $699.99
    Jet 10" jointer/planer cost $299.99
    Powermatic Air Filter PM1200 $319.99
    Powematic Dust Collector PM1300 1.75 hp $424.99
    Jet Drill Press 17" (JDP-17DX) $419.99
    Already bought Powermatic PWBS Bandsaw $849.99

    Are these good choices? I am limited right now to Woodcraft options.

    Best wishes,

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    First, you should NOT listen to me. I have no idea what I'm talking about!

    Second, if you're going to all that trouble, I think I'd go up a step on that table saw. Bumping up to something better might only be a couple hundred bucks. It's unlikely you'll go through the trouble of getting another one later, so make sure you're happy with the one you get now.

    And instead of a jointer/planer combo, why not get a real (6") jointer and a 12" planer? If you don't like the combo, you're gonna be stuck!

    But, once again, do NOT listen to me! I'm a complete doofus!




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    Hi Kyle, Like Bill said before me, "don't listen to me" but I can't resist giving my opinion. I'm in the position of acquiring tools from ground zero. Let me tell you what I've learned so far. I don't know exactly what your budget restrictions are or if you have any power/amperage considerations, and I've only looked briefly at the Woodcraft site, but I'd also suggest getting more TS and less DP. I *just* got a TS a few months ago, and I can already see that I going to have to change it to one bigger and more powerful. It's "the most important tool in the shop" is what I hear and read over and over. Now I know why. FWIW. I do envy your buying so many things at one time....can't wait to see the progress....
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    The list looks pretty good to me Kyle
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    Kyle, the pics of the grandkids did not show

    I'll say this about the tablesaw, taking into account your location limitations, you are shopping in Hawaii and only at Woodcraft, and the shipping added to that, I would say your choice looks good. I also understand that you are wanting to mainly turn wood, and the other tools will be only for occasional use and mainly to supply your turning habit

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You are looking at the Jet JPS10 which is $850

    The only other saws that look of interest are;
    Click image for larger version. 

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    General International Model 50-260SP M1 which is $1350

    That is a $500 difference, quite a bit.

    I don't think you need the more expensive saw, for what you want to do the Jet will be fine. I will point out that neither saw has a splitter, that would be a deal breaker for me.

    There must be some other tool dealer in Hawaii...?

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