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Thread: I guess I'm a wuss.......

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    I guess I'm a wuss.......

    I have a few bowls in the shop that need to be finished... they all have sanding sealer on them and the first or second coat of wipe on poly, but need a couple more.... but Yahoo says it's 20 degrees outside, my shop isn't heated and I'm not going outside to confirm Yahoo's reading.
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    BRRRRRRRRRRRRR your no wuss, I'm glad my shops heated . We rarely get below freezing in my area. Hang in there Chuck.
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    Wuss, suck it up
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    In the past cold weather didn't bother me...I would go turn in sub 0 temps...this year I'm having trouble going out when it's in the teens...I broke my foot last feb. and the cold temps make it ache pretty bad.

    BTW Welcome to the Family Jim.
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    My comfort level is around 32. Below, I don't go out there. Above 32 and I can use a little infrared heater or a kerosene heater to maintain some level of comfort. That and the little packets of heat you can get for your feet.

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