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Thread: Milwaukee 18v Lithium Cordless Drill

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    Milwaukee 18v Lithium Cordless Drill

    Just thought I'd pass on a new acquisition.
    I just received a Milwaukee 18v compact lithium cordless drill and impact set. I bought reconditioned and I can clearly see that it has been used. (It's a great system: Free loaner tools for life. LOL)
    I had originally planned on the Milwaukee set. Then Home Depot came along with a Makita drill for $99 as a black Friday promotion. I couldn't pass that up - until I got it home and realized that it only had one battery. I immediately returned it and ordered the Milwaukee from CPO.
    I've had good luck with reconditioned products in the past and will continue to purchase reconditioned.
    I'm very impressed with the power and the compact size.

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    Sounds like a real nice deal John

    I've bought a couple of factory recon tools before and never had a problem.
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    Congrats, John. That looks like a good set.

    I've also had good luck with reconditioned power tools. Offhand I can think of 3 drills, 2 impact drivers, and a power planer that were all recons, and all have been as good as new.
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    Another here with good luck on recons.
    I've gotten mine from Northern Tool.
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    Enjoy the drill John, pretty good brand and CPO has some good deals if you live in the USA. In my mind the reconditioned tools will be checked out well because they dont want them back again.

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    Sorry to hear about the problem you had with the Makita drill. I have been using the Makita drill set and it has never let me down. I also came across with the Miwaukee drill too. Since I have worked with both of them I can say that there isnít much to choose between them. Makita is also compact lithium ion battery and is also cordless. The problem that you had must be because it was a reconditioned one. Nice to hear that you sorted it out.

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    I'd like to say hello to both Johns in this thread....Welcome to the Family. And BTW, I'm quite happy with 2 Makita drills.....
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    Milwaukee 18 volt lithium drill

    I just purchased an 18 volt Bosch lithium drill/driver at Lowes to replace an
    18 volt V18 Milwaukee that was heavy enough to qualify as a boat anchor.
    The Milwaukee was a powerful drill but I bought it thinking that because it was a lithium drill, it would be lighter than my Bosch 18 volt nicad drill which
    was equally heavy. To my dismay, the Milwaukee was just as heavy or
    heavier so I finally got rid of it. Before purchasing my new Bosch, I bought
    a Makita 18 volt compact lithium drill at my local hardware store. I returned it
    the next day because the chuck was off center resulting in a wobbly drill bit.
    To be honest, I was aware that the chuck being manufactured off-center
    might be a problem from having read reviews of this drill on Amazon but figured I might get one with a good chuck. That didn't happen so I checked
    the reviews for the Bosch and all were positive. The Bosch is definitely the
    better made drill and much lighter than my other Bosch.

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