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Thread: Online Shopping

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    Online Shopping

    Glenn brought this up in another thread but i thought i would start a new thread on the topic.

    One thing Glenn mentioned was how much fun it was recieving parcels in the mail.

    Well it occurred to me that in all the reading i have done i have not seen this feature spoken of in the marketing boys quarter.

    I find the online shopping thing really cool. First you get to do research. Then when you finally decide to buy you get your kick of having made the decision and taken the plunge. Then when it arrives its like Xmas because its a parcel all wrapped. Adds a better dimension than grocery bag or just carrying the item out of the store.

    So there definitely is a fun to it especially if its something you cannot get easily even if it is local.

    Whats your thoughts on online shopping.?

    Of course free shipping and a bargain deal also sweetens the pie.

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    Working 10 hour days, it's the best opportunity for me to get anything accomplished. I do like going and browsing while I buy, but if I know what I want and the best price is online, it's a no-brainer.

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    I prefer it whenever possible. I use sites I trust, and I can do it in the middle of the night. No crowds, no traffic, no fuss. Occasionally I'll give some business to a local store just to be a good citizen, but I prefer online.
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    I've bought quite a few things on line both at shops and at ebay, so far never had a problem, besides it allows me to buy tools or things that are not available here or that cost twice as much if not thrice.
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    I spent most of my life in retail.
    Im happy if I never walk into another store again, as selfish as that sounds.
    I buy everything I can online.
    Whether its 400 lb machines, or a rack of ribs from corkys, I use online coupons or promotions to crush shipping costs and take advantage of any online specials if I need something from that store.
    I believe 85% of the stuff I buy online I havent paid shipping costs.(or 5 bucks or less which cost me less than gasoline money and parking money)
    I complained to my pizza guy he doesnt let me order online, so he said I can text him the order on his cell phone and hed deliver it to my garage when Im working in there. good enough for me.

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    Living in a small rural town many things are just not available locally. It's 75 miles to the nearest big city and decent shopping. The Internet, Visa and FedEx literally puts the world at my fingertips. Shipping usually costs much less than gas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Falotico View Post
    Living in a small rural town many things are just not available locally. It's 75 miles to the nearest big city and decent shopping. The Internet, Visa and FedEx literally puts the world at my fingertips. Shipping usually costs much less than gas!
    My thoughts exactly... I live in a town of 850 souls... I would have said on Saturday night, but even on Saturday night, the sidewalks automatically retract at sundown... closest Lowe's to me is at least 40 miles away, closest WoodCraft is 55 miles north, or 60 miles south... so online works best for me too.
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    I live in a city-state of 12 million, and I still have to do a lot of my shopping online, for the same reasons Toni stated

    I always have to pay shipping, but that is just part of the price for me I guess. I do shop locally, if you call local a 45 minute drive on a GOOD day, when I can.

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    I also like tracking the shipment as it comes across the States. Kind of fun to see where it has to go to get to you. It also helps build the excitement for delivery day. Jim.
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    I love online shopping. The problem is I find it adictive! I feel bad if I don't have something on the way to my house! I get depressed, run a fever, nose bleeds.....!!!

    The only draw back I have found is if you need to return something,it can be a hassel and cost extra.
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