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Thread: Router Joint Woodline

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    Router Joint Woodline

    We had the anual Woodworkers Show last weekend. I have been watching this for several years when ever I would go to a show or see it in Magazines etc. Finaly bought one and have been driving myself crazy trying to do as was done at the show. It makes many fun looking joints,I got 5 different templates to start. I will say this they give you a lot of extra help by phone and there is also a DVD that helps alot. If you ever get involved with woodline,I think so far a very nice Company. They have sent me several things that I damaged in my inability to use the way it should be and at no charge. I first made just a two sided joint (several of these) then figured I should try a simple box so I could try the right orientation of the pieces.
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    Well OK its not so spectacular,but when you see the amount of sawdust I created,with the cutting and plaining to thickness and then the routing.....
    Well I got a big mess to clean up in my shop. But it sure makes the time fly bye.
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    I got one of those sets back in March, I love it! One of the things I made was a rack to hold my T-Handle Allen Wrenches. It is so easy to set up and use!

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    I've seen the add for that system many times and thought how neat it would be to own one.
    Great looking box and joints Ron
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