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Thread: Alergic to wood ?

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    Alergic to wood ?

    In the past I posted about being alergic to walnut after turning and sanding a bowl for my niece. All summer long I suffered the effects of having a breakout on my arms. I have been on a bit of a break and the rash has gone away. I recently started a project where I am using some bass wood to make some plaques for a customer. After planeing and riping several pieces I started to have itching on my fore arms and today they are all broken out in a rash..have I become alergic to saw dust... don't know the answer yet but I am a little confused at the moment. b
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    probably. you can develop new allergies at any time to anything including different types of wood. (Old allergies can go away too). Apparently once you have an allergy or sensitivity to one wood it's easy to get another.....sorry........I know something about allergies....lots of allergies in my family including some life-threatening ones.
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    That's not good. Maybe wear long sleeves and a dust mask?????
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    and hear yu was blaming my chocolate and it might be something else all together.... hope yu can find out what the real culprit is
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    Do not jump into conclusions Don, some drugs ( if you are taking any) have rash and skin irritation as side effects.
    Some shower gels can also cause that, toghether with a hundred more things.

    The cause/effect relationship is not so direct to establish in these cases. Specially when the wood you were working with is not walnut as on the previous case.

    Besides Basswood, as far as I know has not irritating effects like other woods have.

    If it continues you should have the allergic tests taken.
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