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Thread: finish help please

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    finish help please

    Well I did try putting gloss poly over lacquer due to they both are oil based. It dried for 24 hrs & some places it still was blotchy so I wiped it down with mineral spirits then wet sanded (with dish soap) with 600 grit then sprayed again two times wet sanding between each spray. The finish is still bumpy.

    check out the pics how can I get a more even coat??? this one is for sale so I want it to be as smooth as possible.
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    Poly and lacquer are not compatible. They don't stick to each other. (Google "poly over lacquer" and "lacquer over poly".) Even if you were to get this one looking good now, it likely would not hold up over the years.

    If it was me, I'd sand it down with 220 until the raw wood starts to show through, then hit it with 320 and 400 before re-applying the lacquer. I'd use multiple light coats of spray lacquer. And I'd leave the poly on the shelf for another project.

    The bumpiness I'm seeing in the pics looks like the finish was applied too heavily. Are you brushing or spraying? I tried brush-on lacquer once, and didn't like the results, so I did as I suggested above...sanded it down smooth and re-applied the lacquer...but with a spray can instead of a brush.
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