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Thread: Vaughn - Your holiday spirit avatar!

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    Vaughn - Your holiday spirit avatar!

    Is that Dakota? Looks like Dakota is having a little fun with the lights and a wreath?

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    Yep, that's my boy.

    In years past, we have hung a pair of fake spruce wreaths in the front window of our living room. That's also the window the dogs stand on the couch to look out of and to bark at evil things like mailmen and meter readers. One day I was in my office, and I heard "Woof woof woof CRASH!" I stepped out of my office and saw the scene in my avatar. He'd gotten tangled in the power cord and pulled the whole thing down as he jumped off the couch. I just had to get a picture of the "B...b...but Dad, I wasn't DOING anything. Honest!" look on his face.
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    Bwahahahaha! I have to admit, all I had to do was tie the hat on to Bucky's head real tight and wait for her to quit bucking....

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    My German Shepard used to stand by the Christmas tree with a big smile on his face. Wag his tail and send the hanging ornaments flying across the room.
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    Our first dog we had after getting married loved to steal the balls off the tree. He's grab one and run (not a good thing, those ornaments break and and cut). One day he grabbed one took off for the front door because it was open. Unfortunately the storm door wasn't He went right through the bottom glass piece. Never even slowed him down I had to chase him down to get the ball back. Coarse I had to replace the glass. I also added a decorative guard on it so he would not try that again. That dog was a ball freak.
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    Cool stories guys.

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    Maggie's just lazy... she stays out all night roaming them thar hills and comes in to sleep all day....
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