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Thread: 43 bd.ft. of Bass wood

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    43 bd.ft. of Bass wood

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have a small commission to make 13 more of these Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	52198 for a church. they wanted them painted and the color they choose was this blue. They are 15"x18.5" and have a 3/8" cove in the edges. the edges will be gilded but they have someone who will gild them for free and I don't work for free so I won't do that part. Since they are painted all I wanted was a clear straight grained wood with not knots. I first was going to use poplar but the poplar that was available was garbage. All cupped and full of knots. The the ash they had that was decent was 3.5 a bd.ft. but they had these nice 12 ft stick of bass wood and it was only $2.00 a bd.ft.. the choice was an easy one. should have this done and get paid in plenty of time for my Christmas shopping.
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    Nice quick one.
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    Good catch on the basswood. My luck with local basswood has been worse than disappointing. My experience with purchased northern basswood has been outstanding if you overlook the pain of the high cost.
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