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Thread: News from Afghanastan

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    News from Afghanastan

    Well, I talked to my daughter in law tonight and my son wont make it home for the holidays. He is scheduled to be state side between Jan 1 and Jan 5 so at least there is a more defined time for him to come home.
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    well, that must be a bummer, but it does sound like he'll be home soon. .....
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    As long as he's safe! You can actually shift the date you celebrate the holidays around quite a bit. Make one day TG, another Christmas, and another New Years!

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    Hope he will/is safe and you get to see him soon!

    Afghanistan is a tough place to be right now. My prayers will continue for all in harms way.
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    But the good news, is , you will be seeing him soon

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    My prayers have been for him and his troop. I don't care what day he gets home, just so he gets home to hug and talk with you guys.
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    That's disappointing but at least you have a better time frame now.
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    It is just a day on the calender, make Christmas when he is with you!

    Here in Japan, Christmas day is just a regular work day, no big deal, but we MAKE it a big deal in our house!
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