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Thread: The Wood Whisperer

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    The Wood Whisperer

    If you haven't seen it, you should take a look. Very interesting site with some good videos showing construction methods and other woodworking related stuff. My reason for mentioning it now is that Marc has started a table project. His first video clip shows how he is using sketchUp to get some basic information that he can use in the shop. He doesn't make any components and does a few things the hard way but he gets the job done. Interestingly, he draws the table upside down and only draws three legs. He only details one end of the table but that gives him what he needs to build the table.

    I think it is an interesting approach. Much closer to what you might do with pencil and paper but you can get SU to figure out the dimensions for you rather than having to do the math yourself.
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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for posting this. I don't get cable so will probably never see it but nevertheless realizing your concern for others, I'll bet it is worth seeing. Thanks...
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    without a link, dare I point out that Marc is doing the wood whisperer as a video Blog? tack a dot com on the site name and you're there. broadband better than dial up of course.

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    Marc has a dry sense of humor. Pretty entertaining. He posts some over at SMC. Jim.
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