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Thread: Ornaments - Scroll Saw or Laser

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    Ornaments - Scroll Saw or Laser

    I have been making a lot of these. I use 0.125 cherry. Engraves very nice.

    I know it is cheating but I'll use the laser. If any Scroll Saw guy or girl wants these designs I would be glad to send them to you.
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    Pretty good for cheating How do they sell for you?
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    looks good pete!! hope your not to swamped that yu wont have time to celebrate the holidays
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    I sell a few ones and twos but not many.

    I am lucky to have some repeat customers. A few that buy 10-20 every year. Also once in a while someone will buy a personalized one for every person at their Christmas Party.

    They have a tree with one for each person on it. As the party goes on someone notices "Hey these have our names on them.' Then they all start looking for their's.

    Like I said I am lucky to be invited and to be able to see everyone enjoying my work. Most of the people there do not know where they came from.

    I have had people tell me a story about some small item (ornament or pen ) they got from someone special and how much it means to them. I love it when I can tell them, I know I made it.

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    Those are real nice. I'd take you up on the offer but I'd have to clean about 3" of dust off my cheap old scroll saw.
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    Those look great, Pete. Amazing what those electron-powered scroll saws can do, huh?
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    Really intricate work

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    Those are SWEET Pete, and using the laser as a wood working tool is what it was made for and you do use it well

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    Very nice. Do you send the designs over the internet? I'm thinking you mean the patterns. If so I'd take them.
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    laser or scroll saw, it is nice work.

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