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Thread: In Case You Missed It...

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    In Case You Missed It...

    Unless you've been following the Organ Build thread, you probably missed this. I know I did ...

    That's Tom Baugues doing the grinding, but I wanna know where he found the mechanical Larry doll.
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    That is awesome

    Great job Tom
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    Now that made me smile!

    Great job Tom!
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    You know, I am going to have to build one of those.

    Is it just me or does Larry look a little shorter and a little heavier?

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    well done tom and this organ building is great,, jay you probally never thought it was gonna take off like this huh
    and that was a transformer steve,,l had to get some volunteers to take over the part of my career
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    Oh well that makes sense. I never seen you in a red hat before

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    I followed Tom's build on the forum. He really does nice work. It all got me so excited I bought the plans. I haven't started yet, but ...someday... I want to wear one of those top hats.

    Great work and music, Tom.
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    Tom did a great job and you are right Larry I never thought it would go and nether did John Smith. Thanks to Carol for starting that thread.

    It has been a fun one
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    Thank you all for the compliments. I appreciate it. The first time I ever saw or heard about the organs was the day that Jay had posted a video of the organ he just finished. I was hooked in about 10 seconds and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I HAD to have one. The only problem was ....I had to build it! Well, after e-mailing Jay about building one he assured me that I could do it and he nor (John Smith) would let me fail. It was absolutely the most fun (sometimes frustrating) project I have ever done. The anticipation of hearing it make its first sound was wild. To hear it play it's first full song was sooooo gratifying. I never thought I would wear a hat but I now have a hat and vest and even a little bow tie. I have played this organ in public a couple times and for grade school kids and it is so much fun to watch their faces. My next project is to build a cart on wheels for the organ to set on so that I can actually "go out" to play in public. I also have my eyes on my "next" organ but that might be a couple years off.....maybe not!

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