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Thread: surprise gift

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    surprise gift

    The UPS guy brought me a package today shipped from Packard Woodworks. Big puzzlement as I hadn't ordered from them recently.
    Opened box and found two assortments of neat, delicious pen blanks. Also in the box was a certificate saying this gift was from "a friend". More puzzlement trying to figure out who that might be.
    Without evidence to the contrary, I am quite certain is came from someone here. And, since we have a lot of very thoughtful people, and friends, at FW, I have given up trying to figure out who this "friend" may be.
    So, I'll handle it this way: I thank all of my friends here at FW for your thoughtfulness and friendship.
    To whoever the individual is that sent this, I really am touched by your gesture and gift. Thank you. The Season has been made merrier because of you.
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    Very cool, Frank. And before long you'll be healed up enough to put them to good use.
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    fun gifts!
    i have to be working, too! christmas is fast approaching!

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