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Thread: An Update

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    An Update

    I've been getting interferon Beta shots for 6 days now, until yesterday I had not suffered any side effects, but that changed. I got home from the hospital and headed out with my daughter to a Tea Ceremony demonstration, she studies this as a club in school and wanted to go. Of course half way through the ceremony I started to feel bad, but the time I got home I had a very high fever. We phoned the hospital and they said to take some pain killers to bring the fever down and to rest, well I did that but it took all day! I'm really hoping that this was the exception, I've got a busy week or two ahead of me and I dread going through this each day.

    On to some good news!

    I lost a half kilo today, about a pound. First time in forever I have been below 116Kg/255lbs. On Oct 13th I went in for my first cancer operation, I was at 116Kg/255lbs.

    As I said, I went to the tea ceremony with my daughter, I got dressed up in a suit & tie. I wore the same suit at the end of March for my other daughter's grad from junior high school, at the time I could just squeeze myself into it. I could not button the coat, but yesterday that same suit hung on me like a tent. I could pull the jacket over itself like a double breasted suit. Boy that made me feel good!

    I've still got a ways to go on the downsizing end of things, but I think I have beaten back the cancer, and now I'm getting back on track with the exercise stuff. I'd say I'm now at the halfway mark of the weight loss that I want, or close to it, I just have to keep it up.

    I just wanted to pass this great news along, and again thank everyone here for your help.

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    Both good and bad news!

    Please keep up the positive attitude !

    Thanks for the update my wife asked about your health yesterday.

    Peace be with you and yours.
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    Hopefully that won't happen again. Sounds like you are on the right track Stu. And remember, less is more! [Weight that is.]

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    Sorry about the reaction to the medication but looks like you got it under control. Congrats on the weight loss. It sure feels good to lose weight. It's so hard. I've lost around 70 lbs since May. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in 5 years.
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    Stu glad to here that most every thing is going good. Just found out yesterday that my SIL has stage 4 of melinoma cancer. they are giving her little or no hope. She fought off a broken back(4 wheeler wreck) and breast cancer, but don't look like she will make it through this.. To say the least my brother is really upset.

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    I am glad there is more good news than bad. It is also good to see that you are thinking positive.

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    Stress, is reported to have some bearing on cancer Stu so stop stressing about things so much. If you don't get everything done you are only human and not superman. Stop and take the time to appreciate the things that matter in life rather than racing through it.

    On the cancer note we have just recieved the word about my aunt in England. She is a tiny frail spinster lady ( the sweetest lady in the world) that lives on her own and is 82. She is just healing from a fall that broke her leg and now she has just recieved word that she has lymphatic cancer. She has growth on her back and it has spread throughout her body. We don't know the exact type of lymphatic cancer it is yet but it doesn't sound good.

    I look around myself at this time of year and I see the crowds hurrying from place to place in a mad rush to get somewhere and aquire so many things and I wonder what it is all about? We have not gotten the tree dressed yet the lights are not up on the house and I am in panic mode trying to get all the christmas gifts made and the unexpected repairs done on the house and gifts wrapped and then I stop, breath and think and look at Janet and my kids and remember what I have and what is important in my life.

    Sorry for saying all of this but it just hit me as I was reading this post Stu. You take care of yourself and slow down a little. You owe it to yourself and your family.

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    Stu, sorry to hear of the reaction to the drug. As Glenna (and I) are finding out, it is sometimes the accumulative effect that creates a problem, not a reaction to the medicine the first time you use it. See if your Dr. has some additional medicine that will help counteract the adverse effects. I know Glenna had some pills she takes that are $100.00 each to keep the nausea down!! She has to have 3 available for each Chemo treatment. She hasn't had to take all of them each time, so will be able to save a little there. But she sees others that are sooo sick at here chemo treatments that weren't prescribed the medicine, and they can hardly walk without help. Where Glenna has driven herself to and from all her treatments so far, and has kept her music studio going and up to date on lessons with all students. Even took a new student this week. Hopefully there is something that will help your issues! Jim.
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    Be kind to yourself, Stu. I hope you don't have any more problems with the treatment.
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    Here's hopping for better days ahead Stu
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