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Thread: Need Help in making a decision

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    Need Help in making a decision

    LOML and I have been thinking of getting a GPS. We're down to Garvin and TomTom. We can't make a decision, so , I'm coming to you folks for your experience and guidance.

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    Bruce I had a Garmin 2620 and it was a great product but all GPS's have one problem, you need to up date them to keep the maps current. This can be a costly proposition. I now use VS Nav on my Verison cell phone and get updated maps when every they are updated for no additional charge. costs me around $10/mo but I am assured of always having the latest maps. As I recall the software upgrades for the Garmin was around the annual cost for having the Verison service.
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    My trucker son has a Garmin--very good unit specially programed for over the road trucks. I have a Magellan 2036--another very good unit. I have many family, friends and former colleagues with GPS. No one has a Tom Tom, not even one--that tells me a lot. Good luck with your decision. Don is correct about updating maps. Shop carefully; some units are now being offered with lifetime free updates.
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    +1 on Garmin.
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    I'm very low tech in this department... I use this --
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    +2 on Garmin. I've had three of them over the past six years. One got stolen, and I currently have a four year old Nuvi 350 in my truck, and a newer Nuvi 1450 in the car.

    I really like the features on the Garmin Nuvi's. The 1450 has a really nice, large screen, and an Ipod music player built in, along with a bunch of features I've never used - currency converter, etc.

    Garmin now sells a 'forever' map updating subscription - about $90.00 - that seems worthwhile, since a single update is about $70.00.
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    Not an answer to your question, but I just use the Google Maps on my iPhone, only cost me the 3G charges and they hit a limit at $40 a month, after that I use all the 3G I want for no extra charge. I plot my route ahead of time and then I just use the iPhone for checking where I am, I know it is not nearly as good as a real GPS, but I already own it, and it serves it's purpose just fine, and trust me Tokyo is NOT an easy city to navigate
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    +3 on the Garmin.

    I bought LOML one a few years ago and she liked it. Then she saw a deal on a Tom Tom with more features, so she bought it. After a few days of trying it, she returned the Tom Tom, since the Garmin was easier for her to use and understand.

    Don brings up a valid point about the cost to update maps. If you live in an area with a lot of new developments like he does, that can be a big consideration. On the other hand, if you're in a more established area, it's not much of an issue.

    My Lexus has a built-in nav system, and all of its data is stored on a DVD that's buried somewhere in the back of the car. It's a 2001 vehicle, so the data it's using is at least 10 years old. (The cost of updating the DVD is more than a new Garmin with all the bells and whistles would cost me, so I'm not going to update it.) Anyway, even with an outdated database, I'd say my Lexus knows where it's going about 99% of the time. If I lived in one of the newer suburbs of LA, that percentage would surely drop. I have Google maps on my iPhone, plus a couple of navigation-specific apps, but the display is too small to use while driving. I only use it to find the places my Lexus doesn't know about.

    Whatever system you end up with, I think you'll wonder how you got along without it.
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    I have a Lowrance. It works perfect but the maps are out of date. It's less expensive to buy a new one than it is to update it. I will probably look at the Garmin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Mooney View Post
    I'm very low tech in this department... I use this --
    Me Too!! or Else I use my really special GPS system... it's a Dianne 1943... she even watches for brake lights and turn signals that are a mile or so ahead and lets me know that the cars at the next intersection/red light are stopping or turning. I think most of the time she's a Googler.
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