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    quick box

    Had the need to make a Christmas present with very short notice. Here's what I came up with. It was inspired by the work of a feller named Andy.
    It's all pecan from a tree that fell in a storm a couple of years back. Finish is just a few coats of tung oil...I stopped there because I liked how it looked.

    *** I see I've put this in the wrong place....any admin want to help me move it to the right place?
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    nice looking box, I'll move it for ya
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    Darrell, that's a very interesting and good-looking box!
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    Darrell, neat design.

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    That's a beautiful box and I wish I had half your design talent.

    But if you ever do another one I can save you some time by giving you some lumber that I attempted to sand with a portable belt sander and 80 grit.

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    thats a different and nice looking piece of work sir.

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    Very nice, Darrell. How did you do the texture?
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    Nice box Darrel but please tell us how you got the wavy finish in the wood. Carving? or some other way.

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    I like your box too. And I am curious how you did the "carving?"


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    Thanks for moving the post to the appropriate place, Don.

    I appreciate the nice comments.

    I sculpted this box using a hand grinder with 80 grit sandpaper, then followed that with a random orbital sander stepping up through finer grits and ended with hand sanding moving up through steel wool.

    It's not the quickest method, but this particular wood was just screaming "don't leave me standing flat!" I started out trying to do some carving, but the wood was just to hard and I made a mess of it. With nothing to lose, the grinder came out as I was pressed for a Christmas present and had to try to salvage it.

    This was my first attempt at something like this and I like it. A bit of warning: don't try this without a mask, as it will fill the air with more fine dust than I would have imagined. I quickly moved outside to finish this one up.

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