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Thread: Last minute xmas gift

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    Last minute xmas gift

    I found some refrigerator magnets and got an idea how to use up some scrap wood and clock inserts. I used a 1" forstner bit to install a washer to give the magnet something to stick to. The detail on the heads is amazing, they are made from a resin product, and actually signed and dated by the artist. Close out sale $2.50 each, bought the clocks 2 years ago at a craft store closing for $1.50 each. Wood is scrap spalted cherry and spalted maple.
    The wolf and bear measure 2"x3" deer and moose 3"x 31/2"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails whitetail.jpg   bear.jpg   wolf.jpg   moose.jpg   mule deer.jpg  

    clock.jpg   washer.jpg  

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    Those are super. I am scratching my head right now trying to come up with a gift idea for an outdoorsman relative. Wish I had one of those or could make one in the shop. Oh, well.
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    They are cool. Nice Work.
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    Nice idea Jiggs. Those are great
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    Very cool. They will make great gifts.

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    Jiggs you come up with such good ideas those are really cool. You just gave me a super idea. Thanks.

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    Great idea, Jiggs. And I really like the wood combination. Not half bad for scraps, huh?
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    Jiggs they are really sharp. Great job on the use of your scrap.

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