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    Talking 27 Drawers

    My wife wanted a new kitchen. Need I say more? Instead of conventional base cabinets, she wanted all base cabinets with full extension roll out trays (drawers).

    8 base cabinets - 3 drawers each, all 4 corners with full dove tails. 146 pins and tails per drawer for the two bottom drawers and 36 pins and tails for the upper drawer per cabinet.

    It has taken me 2 weeks to get them all cut. No wonder I never made it in a factory. Repitious piece work drives me crazy.

    I have been using a Keller 1500 dove tail jig. I use it up side down on my router table.

    Here are some beginning pics. The first three are the kitchen as we found it when we bought the cabin.

    The rest are as of last week. All the face frames and doors and drawer fronts are going to be quarter sawn white oak. The upper drawers are all done and installed. Now I just have to get the slides on the lower ones and install them tomorrow and over the weekend.

    Its a pain having to live in the middle of a remodel. I will say this, since SWAMBO ordered the kitchen rebuild. She is being very patient.

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    That looks like it'll be a nice layout when it's done, Tom. Pretty snazzy for a cabin.
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