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Thread: The Family Reunion that wasn't well sort of

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    The Family Reunion that wasn't well sort of

    As some of you know, my intended meeting with Drew Watson a few weeks ago didn't happen because of well a variety of reasons......but when Drew's wife had surgery, i did send my daughter (who is a student in Drew's city) over there with a care package....and my daughter came away with a *mushroom* that Drew made. My daughter loved Drew and his wife, BTW, and said their house felt "just like home". I thought you folks would enjoy this note and photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now we are getting somewhere! 2nd Generations getting into the whole meet and greet thing!

    Great Job Cynthi and Daughter and Drew and Family!

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    Very cool. Meetings by proxy.
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    That was really nice Cynthia.
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    Beautiful picture.

    And though I have no pic to prove it, when my son Ben was interning outside of Detroit this past summer, the Ambassador's daughter, Michelle, and her husband Ken, took Ben around and showed him the area.

    What a fine group we have here!

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