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Thread: Bowclamps, Bob and I go visiting

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    Bowclamps, Bob and I go visiting

    I posted this on the other forum, but for those who don't go there...

    Craig Feuerzeig designed and patented the Bowclamp.

    His shop is close to us in East Orange NJ and he has a

    shop bot which is on the Swenson's to buy list.


    I never thought I needed a Bowclamp.

    I have more bowed wood culled on the side of the shop then most.

    Ignorant me.

    This simple caul is just, I dunno, I need the right word.

    Perfect. Yep, Perfect.

    Two things went through my head after a couple of seconds.

    Why didn't I think of this, and I will take 50 of them.

    Not to mention Craig is just one of the finest human beings

    we have met. And I ain't blowin smoke. (or anything else)

    Here are some shots of the visit... Oh yeah

    Reach Craig at

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg   5.jpg  

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    I have been interested in getting some of his bowclamps, I think they are a great idea and plan on ordering some of those soon....

    Thanks for the reminder and the pics.

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    I have been a happy user of two of Craig's Bowclamps for about a year.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    If I didn't already have so many clamps, I'd have some of his bowclamps.

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    Sounds like a pretty hearty recommendation. I can see from the pics that you got to see the dry cleaner's finishing machine. Pretty good redneck engineering for a Jersey guy.
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    I'd have some in a jiffy, but............well you know, shipping would kill me
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    Rock stars... giants among men. Bob and Per Swenson. Top shelf.

    Thanks for letting me show off my toys. Great time. Let's do it again soon, there's so much more to discuss. I want to see that domino in action, and that sanding thing we talked about... the carveright...

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    cool visit! (who`s the darned "longhair"?)
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