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Thread: It's Friday

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    It's Friday

    Well another Friday, so what's planned?

    Myself and the house dwellers will be going to In-laws here in a bit, and a church program tonight. My parents house in the morning.

    Sunday, regular church and probably football all day.

    Weather guessers are saying up to 3 inches of the white stuff starting around 4 o'clock today.

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    I'll be working on my shop wall and RAS cabinet... Hoping to get something done on it this weekend...

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    I have a quick plywood stand for the microwave, coffee machine and water bottle unit at work to knock out. Nothing fancy but it will beat the cinder block and 2x4-ish thing we use now. besides it will keep me busy till LOML comes over for the ceremonial last few item gift wrapping session before we go out for lunch ;-)

    P.s. and a few more reindeer . . .
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    Got Christmas with the inlaws today, opening presents with the kids tomorrow before they go to another event (yes they are popular).

    Have a couple of kitchen organizers to install that the wife wanted and going to start on the kitchen cabinet doors and building a tenon jig to complete them with.

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    Been in the shop all morning with Jarrod and Jake getting a large Dinning room set ready to deliver at 12; then off to visit a friend. Christmas wait for Jarrod , Jon and his wife to arrive to share gifts and wifes family gathering on the farm in the afternoon and church on Sunday. the Football !
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    Like we did last year at this time, spending a few days in downtown Seattle. Staying at our favorite boutique hotel in Seattle, the Vintage Hotel. Spent yesterday browsing the shops and dodging the rain. Last night we had went to the special exhibition of Picasso that is in town at the SAM (Seattle Art Museum). Today we will do more shop browsing, especially used book stores.

    Yesterday as we drove down, we had to stop the famous Hardwick's, a hardware store that is a cross between the The Japan Woodworker, Tools for Working Wood and your normal old time hardware store. It is a maze of tall and narrow isles full of tools. You want a hammer? Well, you have an entire isle stuffed full of hammers of all sorts (framing, shoe, ship, etc.) and from all over the world. They have stuff in here, I don't have any idea what it is used for.

    Larry Merlau in his first trip out here, met Greg Cook here. Some pics:

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    Tonight it over to my sisters, then back to the hotel. We will have breakfast tomorrow at Monaco's (another great hotel) and then it is home we go, but stopping to see family first along the way.
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    Cooking and eating

    We always host Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day dinner. There will be a houseful for sure. My 6 kids, their spouses and 10 grandchildren plus 3 step grandkids. A few other relitives sneaking in as well.

    Christmas eve is a meatless dinner. Having fried smelts, baked stuffed shrimp, lasagna, pizza, farmers pasta, stuffed mushrooms, eggplant parmesan and more. All made my loml and myself.

    Christmas day is Turkey, Ham, and too many other goodies to mention.

    Then the good part....COOKIES
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    we're going over to our dad's tonight for the big dinner. taking lots of pics with the new camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Noren View Post
    we're going over to our dad's tonight for the big dinner. taking lots of pics with the new camera.
    Camera, I don't see a camera, must not be a camera.
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    Already spent 5 hours at church today setting up sound/lighting/video for service tonight and tomorrow. Service this evening, then the grand kids will be over for wassail. Church tomorrow morning then over to son's house for dinner and several deserts. Sunday, church again then home to collapse.
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