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Thread: Easr Coast Snow storm coming . . . .

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    Easr Coast Snow storm coming . . . .

    Last weekend I installed the reflective snow stakes along the driveway to guide the snow plow company.

    Since then my kids have been giving me flack saying that since now that we prepared for a snow storm it's not going to come.

    Well they are saying that New Jersey could get 6 - 10 " of snow starting tomorrow AM thru Monday.

    It's a good thing I also cleaned out my half of the garage so the car can come in out of the weather.

    This storm appears to be coming up the coast so folks south of us are likely to get hit even earlier. Everyone have a safe and Happy Christmas day.



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    you too Jim, stay warm!
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    Stock up, Stay warm and make the best of it! Better to be prepared and not have something happen than the other way around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Mattheiss View Post
    This storm appears to be coming up the coast so folks south of us are likely to get hit even earlier.
    Yep. Projections keep going up. Yesterday it was one inch, now they're saying five. I'm guessing that'll double by this time tomorrow. Snow already falling here.

    The good news? As James was opening his presents this morning, there was snow falling outside. It made for the perfect scene...



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    77 degrees and not a cloud in the sky here...
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    I decided to leave my driveway canopy up until I think the snow will be too much for it. Its ripped, so once I take it down, its done for good.
    Im going to look for a much stronger tent that doesnt have to come down in snow for next year.
    Lets see how it holds up during this storm. (even if the top caves in, it will only fall on the driveway and car, its not like its going to hold 10 inches and then fall. Probably give way with 3 inches caked on it)

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    One news station is predicting 12-24" of snow and up to 60 mph winds. Maybe moving to Arizona was not the bad idea I thought it was.
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    I dad to cut down the canopy before. I was hitting it all day and early evening moving the snow off of it, it was sagging bad.
    Once the 50 mph wind gusts started, I decided it might be safer to cut it down, so I did.
    my front door cant be opened, its under a snow and ice drift about 3 feet high. I plowed the garage entrance and the back door twice today, but the snow is still 2-3 feet high with higher drifts. This is just bad.

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    Allen...time to move south. We only have a foot

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    this white stuff sucks.
    My front door is blocked. The adirondack chair in front has snow up to the arms, thats 23.5 inches without a drift.
    My car in the yard has a drift covering the front end so I wont be able to work in the garage today because its going to be a huge snow removal day.

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