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Thread: Kind of hoping for a bit of snow....

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    Kind of hoping for a bit of snow....

    This showed up in my Christmas stocking this morning, a complete surprise, thanks to the conspiratorial talents of our two sons.
    The tractor is my father's 1965 Farmall 706 diesel, that we adopted from the home farm last summer. We've been fitting it out with front-end loader (same vintage) and other improvements all fall. The boys decided it just had to be properly rigged with a snowblower and found this 8-foot monster up in New Brunswick. The blower had a previous life, but a fairly gentle one. She spins up to full 540 revs without a shudder.
    My snow shoveling days might not be completely over, but should be drastically reduced

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    That'll sure handle the nasty white stuff
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    Major league toy you have there. I would love to see it working.


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    Way to go boys!

    So, how are you at driving around backwards
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    Wowee WooWa Those are a couple of good sons you raised!

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    I'd say they were a couple a keepers a'right

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    With the storm that's coming up the coast right now, your new blower might just get a workout pretty soon!
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    Yep, gotta see pics of that in action!
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    Yup, those boys are pretty special.

    Stu, we had a similar set-up (front-end loader/snowblower) on a much bigger tractor on the farm in northern New Brunswick. I spent many winter days in my high school and college years doing snow removal around the farm buildings. You sort of get a knack of sitting half turned around to see what you're doing. It's like riding a bike, so I'm sure it will all come back and I'll be able to do it without getting a "crick" in my neck
    Not sure what the storm is going to amount to here. Forecast is for maybe 15cm of snow tomorrow, then rain. Might be enough for a trial run, and some video.

    The whole machine is an exercise in re-cycling old stuff. The tractor just had an open station when I drove it and the cab is a used one added later for the comfort of the fall harvest operator. My younger son found the loader in the bushes on a neighbour's farm up in New Brunswick. It had been used hard, but was not twisted, and they did seem to know how to weld. Have to get some paint on the bucket as soon as I can squeeze it into my friend's farm shop for a day.
    We have an old set of half-worn tire chains that we need to spend some time with today, to see if they'll fit well enough to stay on. If my welder friend is working tomorrow, we might pay a visit for a few more enhancements to the chains. No welding or acetylene capabilities here yet, nor any safe place to do that indoors, but if I keep collecting big old iron we'll have to do something about that.

    It's Boxing Day in Canada. Best day of the year. All the pre-Christmas rush is over and we can just relax, enjoy family, eat leftovers and play with our toys

    Have a great day.

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