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Thread: Your 2011 Woodworking Goals!

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    Your 2011 Woodworking Goals!

    I must admit I am borrowing the idea of Blacky's Boy (Dominic Greco) over at Woodnet for this thread. Dominic use to post here, but has been too busy now that he is a moderator over there.

    The idea is to post your woodworking goals for the coming year. It is a two part response:

    1. Woodworking skills you want to add or improve on in the coming year.

    2. Projects you want to do this next year.

    I will start:

    Woodworking Skills
    1. Improve the use of my chiseling skills. Part of my "train the hand" philosophy that I am adopting. Instead of using aids, train my hand and eye. So for hinges, simple dado, etc, try using the chisel more.

    2. Use of a draw-knife. I first need to get one and probably make a horse to hold the work, but there is something about using one I find very soothing. This is a real skill that requires practice, but if you are good you can waste away a lot of material quickly and accurately.

    I am not including any "house" projects, just "real" woodworking projects.

    1. Finish my toolbox which is actually a prototype of the real one I will build. I only need to put on the handle and build a tray.

    2. Build the "real" toolbox now that I have built a prototype. I now know a few things I would do differently. I will now use better wood than the pine I did use.

    3. Build two or more benches. Yes that is right. I want to build two benches of different styles and sizes.

    4. Build a small table for between two chairs. I have some ideas, but need to flesh them out some more.

    5. Build a another small table. This is easy, as I am taking a class with Garrett Hack over at the Port Townsend school next September and that is what we are building.

    That is it for me, so what about you?


    I forgot another project:

    6. Finish a hanging cabinet I started earlier this year


    I realize that project no. 3 may not be too clear. I am talking about woodworking benches, you know with vises and such. I will be building them for use of my hand tools. One will be lower for more planing type activities and the other higher for more sawing and chiseling activities. My back just can not stand stooping over for that long anymore.
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    Cool Idea Bill... hadn't really thought about it, but after reading your OP, here goes...

    Improving skills.... since I'm primarily a spinny guy (that's spinny - not skinny) I need to work on a couple of the techniques and skills in my bowl turning... I still find some of my inside work to be a little rough... need to improve on that.

    Projects... If I write all of them down, will probably time out here before I finish the list... but primary on the list..

    1. learn and do a few segmented bowls...

    2. I need to finish my work bench.. it's just a rough shelf around the end of the shop, but I left space to add some storage drawers..

    3. working with the segmented bowls, I have plans and intentions to build a ring bowl press.

    4. build a table/stand for my planer... presently I usually either set it on the ground outside or on saw horses... needs a better stand.

    5. We bought an old oak table last year at needs refinish... need to dismantle and plane the top, then reassemble without the wide cracks it has now.

    6. also have a Mexican Pine dining table that has several joints that have separated and warped.. need to sand down the top, fill cracks and refinish.

    7. A number of house projects... too many to list.
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    Great idea Bill.

    Well, here are mine, in no particular order.

    One other 'goal' of mine is to get my shop organized so that I can work more efficiently. If that involves a construction project here and there, then so be it...

    • WoodWorking Skills
      1. Learn how to make Handcut Dovetails
      2. Learn how to use my Dovetail Jig with a router
    • WoodWorking Projects
      1. Finish my maple Dining Room Table
      2. Dining Room Table Benches
      3. Dining Room Table Chairs
      4. Media Alcove
      5. End Table for Living Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    Cool Idea Bill...
    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Great idea Bill.
    Like I said, I stole the idea from the Woodnet group. It was neat to see what everyone was thinking of doing or where they felt they needed to improve on. Of course, this was the hand tool group of Woodnet, but I think it applies to all, power tool guys, spinney guys, etc.
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    Great thread, no matter who ha the idea.

    - dovetails of any kind. Half-blinds are at the top of my list.
    - joints in general
    - curves

    - kitchen table and chairs
    - complete workshop revamp. Replace walls and install French cleat system, cabinets, etc.
    - a bookcase

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    Get my kitchen finished before the ambassador shows up.

    Then I have one king size bed to make, a new entertainment center for the living room, a cabinet for my daugther for her uverse reciever, dvd player and dvd's and I think she still wants to remodel the 2nd bath along with wood floors and new windows.

    I think thats going to carry me till 2012.

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    Just generally improve my skills, all of them. Would really like to master the tape measure. It seems this is the one tool that leads me to more errors than any other.

    Project list? Ambitious!

    A&C Dinning table for daughter
    Morris chair for wife
    A&C end table and coffee table (also for wife)
    remodel kitchen
    finish remodel of fireplace with built ins
    sell something

    and, if there's time,
    remodel 2 bathrooms
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    Man, I need to see what skills I even have! Then see what needs improving. (Leaving some blanks to be able to add in later...)

    I need to build some wood storage shelves, think I've about decided how to do it. Even have a list of items needed.
    I need to build an assembly table in the now cleaned out assembly/finishing room. Just starting to formulate ideas for that. Nothing fleshed out yet.
    I want to actually build something for other than the shop. A computer desk for the bedroom that mimics the style and wood used in the bedroom suit. Have already drawn up some ideas. Just need to get it started.
    Doing the latter will create some skills needed for above. Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Bienlein View Post
    Get my kitchen finished before the ambassador shows up.
    OH MY, I personally guarantee that a family visit WILL get a guy in gear to finish a kitchen

    I have too many skills that need help so hopefully thru projects they will come and improve.

    1. make and install about 25' wall length of bead board.
    2. make a armoir/jewlery box for the wifey.
    3. attempt a A&C hutch for the dining room to match the kitchen.

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    Improve on what skills i have and learn some new ones,, and as for projects..never ending list but i need to make something for me if i can fit it to many ideas and so far no time to do them..

    1. got a side table that want to make but it wont fit my house style so it will
    go to somebody else?
    2. need to make a bed room suit for me, the boxes are starting to crumble
    cherry, contemporary styling
    3. a Chocolate slab table for me or someone else?
    4. get better at hand cut DTails, may have to have, ken spend a week or me
    over there
    5. add to my visited list and increase the visitor all of you can help on
    that one, the door is open, just drop me a line

    this is no apparent order
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