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Thread: to all of you housing guys and girls ....

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    Question to all of you housing guys and girls ....

    hello everyone ,

    i hope you all had a wonderful christmas

    ok onto the problem ; this past year i had 12 new double pane , argon filled , low E glass , anti glare coated windows installed in my home . i also had 2 new entry doors both the same style , insulated , all the bells and whistles so to speak . we also had a new insulated garage door installed.

    on top of all that we installed a new 95% efficient trane furnace and an aprilair built in to the furnace humidifier .

    with all of that said , my house feels colder than it did before ..... we now keep the thermostat (also new) set at 70 degrees , when we used to keep it at 68 or 67 in years past .

    i am not out to disparage anybody or any company , i am very happy with both companies we used for this work . the service and warranty from both places is top notch .

    with that said , i am confused , discouraged , and baffled at why ? we spent alot of money to do these upgrades and are scratching our heads at what to do next . any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    oh BTW or humidifier is currently at 33 percent ...
    what are you building today ??


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    I would say run that 33 up to 40 and see if that makes a difference.
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    Is that forced hot air???

    We had energy efficient windows put in some years ago and noticed the same thing. Our heating bills went down but we felt colder. I figured it was because the heat didn't run as often because of the better windows. Less drafts and such I changed my thermostat to one that has a 5 degree differential. It turns on at 61 and off at 66. Either it works or I'm used to being cold

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    if the seals are not bad...then the installation should could not be done correctly. Also...make sure the windows you ordered are what you got. Very easy to pick up the wrong ones when he install truck leaves in the morning.

    I digress.....has to be a bad install job.....if anything the hous eshould be stuffier due to lack of air flow

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    Adjustments ?

    We with had something similar happen when we had our new furnace put in with a new thermostat. When we had our first seasonal service my wife explained to the tech that we felt cold air coming out of the registers when the "heat" came on. This is a forced air system. The tech made some adjustments and it is a world of difference. I think what he did was adjust how long the burner was on before the blower started so when the blower did start it would be moving warm air instead of cold. I believe the blower was starting before the burner before the tech came. I was not home when he came and I am not an HVAC guy. He also said that newer thermostats have a smaller range (like 1 deg) instead of the old ones that had a range of maybe 5 deg. What that means is new ones turn on when the temp drops 1 deg instead of a 5 deg drop.

    We are much more comfortable now and my wife is happy. I hope this is of some help.
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    when was the last time you changed your filter in your furnace?

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    I guess one thought would be fan speed. The fan speed may need adjustment to slow down the fan to get a good heat transfer.

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    How certain are you that either your old or new thermostats are actually reading the correct temperature? Especially with the old analog models, the thermometer built into them can be way off base. Have you checked your room temp with a standalone thermometer?

    Short story time...In my first apartment, my roommate was furnace hog, and he liked to keep the apartment at 75º to 80º. We had an analog thermostat with just dots for the relative temperature setting, and a spring-type thermometer to see what the room temp was. The needle on the thermometer part was adjustable with a screw. I gradually set the thermometer to read about 5 to 8 degrees higher than the actual temp, and my roommate never knew the difference.
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    thanks for the replies all,

    first off , yes its a forced hot air system. i turned the humidity control up abit we were at only 28 % we'll have to see what happens , but it makes sense to me , more humidity makes everything seem warmer in summer so why not in winter.... i will let you know how things turn out
    what are you building today ??


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