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Thread: puzzler from Australia

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    puzzler from Australia

    Interesting thread going on right now at the Australian Woodworking Forum. In the turning forum a poster suggested that wear on the lathe bed can cause misalignment with the head and tail stocks. He says he uses his lathe a lot and opins that the sliding has caused wear. He claims this is the second lathe this has happened with.
    Me? I dunno. I suggested that if he cleaned and waxed his bed (like I do ) this wouldn't happen.
    Others are chiming in with various possibilities and opinions.
    What say y'all?
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    Maybe, after years and years of the banjo constantly sliding on the bed. I'd think it more beneficial to level the table/stand whatever regularly and like you said...clean and wax the bed.
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    Maybe I hear an Ono bird chirping too, but it sounds kinda silly to me.

    Like wearing a table saw surface out of flat by ripping too much wood. Maybe there is a lot of abrasive dust that settles on his bed and gets rubbed under the banjo and tool rest. I dunno, but maybe it's a post for April 1.

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    Thats a new one. When my grandfather passed away his son go his lathe. Still uses it today and I tell ya that lathe did some work over the many years. I haven't seen that problem with his.
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    I'll be gone all day. Tomorrow I'll check the Aussie thread again to see their latest theories. I have a theory of my own but will reserve until later.
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    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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    Sorry I'm not a turner and my comment may be completely wrong, if so please correct me, but apart from agreeing to the comments posted, I believe that before turning one tightens the tail, isn't it?

    Once one conects the head stock with the tail stock with the piece of wood there will be a straight line between them, and once the piece has been roughed out it will be centered.

    It may not be absolutely parallel to the bed, but that doesn't matter IMHO. Maybe his lathe was defective from the begining and he has noticed it now

    I insist, I'm no turner and I can be completely wrong.
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