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Thread: A sad day in our home

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    A sad day in our home

    A childhood friend and my sisters best pal for life died today after a long and hard battle with multiple organ failure. We'd hoped...but kept in the back of our minds that things would go bad. I've worked on several patients like this and the result is never good, but when it's close to home...well...that's the price you pay for working in medicine. We know that she is flying with Angels sister and I have tried to chat on the phone, but it's the wrong time of year...not that their is a right one...and we cry our eyes out to each other.
    So her name still is Ruth Smith a stay at home mom, loved any kind of crafting, her husband is Olag, an Ag seed grower , they lived in Germany. I talked to her just before she was admitted to the hospital and my sister talked to her the day she was. She loved to sing...was a lousy guitar player and loved seafood and Merlot...I made shrimp and crab stuffed pasta at least 4 times a year for her. This house is a bit sad for a while...but it seems like a fitting end to a lousy year. Just wanted to vent for a bit. Thanks all for thoughts and prayers
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    It's never easy i reckon. But I'm sure having you as a friend was a bright spot in her life. My sincerest condolences....

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    Jim, I'm sorry to hear of your and your sister's loss. Best wishes coming your way.

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    Such is the circle of life...... my condolances to you and the other survivors.

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    You, your sister, your friend and her family will be in my prayers.


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    You and your sister are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    My condolences to those left to grieve.

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    Those events are never wanted, never easy, and not for being known to come never accepted easily.

    My condolences to you all.
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    Jim, I'm always sorry to see news like this. She sounds like a great friend. My condolences to the people whose lives she touched.
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    Jim am sending my condolences also. I know that it gets easer as time goes on. some times you wounder if it will, but it does. I really hate these stories as we never know when it's gonna happen to some one else we care about.

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