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Thread: Tool box

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    Tool box

    Amazing tool chest Check it out
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    That is one incredible piece for sure.

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    bob yu can have the cabinet ,,i willtake the tools inside..that one plane he had a hold of is a thousand dollars plus....
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    One great piece here , my first to see this one .......
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    Some time ago a woodworking magazine was selling or giving a poster of that toolchest. Great tools and great craftmanship.

    My question would be: To make a thing like this one needs to have very clear in mind all the tools that one wants to fit in it. So I guess that that cabinet was not like most of ours that start half empty and grow with the time as we acquire more tools.
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    Just imagine trying to move that thing around? It must be over 50#

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    That tool box is amazing.There is a photo of it in Jim Tolpin's book(The Toolbox book) Page 76 I have made several. I am curently working on a Coopered Lid tool box.
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    *Drool* My favorite type of creations, obnoxiously overdone. No longer does it matter if you can get your tools quickly and easily, it's just about the time and effort put into it and how perfectly organized it is.
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    Back in those days, the workmanship of a craftsman's tool chest was his salesman's sampler. It demonstrated the level of his skill. Obviously that man could not haul around pianos to demonstrate. The tool chest was his demo and best salesman.
    It is an astounding piece of work.
    But as Toni said, we do not start out with all our tools, they accumulate over time.
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