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Thread: TS Sled Support - Very Simple

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    TS Sled Support - Very Simple

    I mentioned using the miter slot on my router table in a thread to Steve Shouthwood the other day. This is a silly little third-hand sort of a helper but I use it frequently.

    I grabbed and old stain color-sample board as it happened to have a consistent topcoat on it despite being multi-colored . I milled it to match the thickness of my tablesaw sleds.

    If I am milling thin or long stock that tends to sag, I set the t-nuts into the t-slotted miter track on the router table and give 'em a twist.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If I am hanging off the other end, the recessed magnets hold the board still and provides a little support.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sled support 012.jpg 
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    I know, kinda goofy but, it gets used more than I would have thought.
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    Great idea Glenn! Adding that to my file.

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    A vary nice idea!
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    Nice job of using one tool as support for others.

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    Not goofy at all, I will probably be using a variation of that today...

    Thanks for the tip!

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