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Thread: Ben's Turning Showcase

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    Talking Ben's Turning Showcase

    Over the past couple of years I have spent the majority of my time away from home and therefore the lathe. When I am lucky enough to have time to make it home, I often relax by heading out to the shop and making chips fly. I rarely had time or the will to take pictures of my pieces. But during Thanksgiving break I realized that I had a decent number of pieces that I had never photographed. I decided to take a few hours and get my photography setup together and take pictures of all of my pieces. I did so but had no extra time to go through the pictures and make them better. Come winter break, I have time! I've now gone through them and tidied some up, and now would like to share them with you! So here's the deal: I'm posting just about one picture per piece because otherwise we'd be dealing with over 100 pictures. I know this doesnt give the best look at the piece, but that's the way it is. Also, when I took pictures I didnt really keep them in any discernible order... and the same goes for this post. So enjoy! (There are about 40 so I understand if you don't make it all the way through!) I look forward to hearing which is your favorite and any other comments/questions you might have! Almost all of the finishes are mineral oil, shellac, then buffed with carnuaba wax.

    PS: Happy New Year! Where did the year go?

    3 section Maple Box

    Cherry Bowl 5 3/4 by 2"

    Cherry Hollow Form 4 1/4 by 3 3/4

    Cherry Plate 8 3/4 by 1 1/4

    thin cherry bowl 3 5/8 by 1 1/2

    cherry, 4 1/8 by 1 1/2

    NE Ash Curly Bowl 4 3/8 by 3 (this is def one of the older ones)

    Maple Ringed Goblet 7 1/4 by 2 5/8, I'll eventually make a second and it will be a Pair of Wedding Goblets

    Curly Ash Bowl 4 by 1 3/4

    thin maple bowl 4 3/4 by 1 3/4

    Elm bowl 10 by 2 3/4

    maple NE bowl 5 1/2 by 3

    Black Walnut NE Bowl, 11 in wingtip span 4 1/4 high at tip

    elm plate bowl with worm holes, 6 1/2 by 1 1/2

    Maple Box 4 1/2 tall by 2 3/8

    Maple Rocket Ship Ring holder 6 by 1 5/8. I also made the ring out of Aluminum on a metal lathe at college.

    Spalted maple bowl 5 1/2 by 1 1/2

    Black Walnut NE Bowl 6 by 4 (older)

    Pair of Maple Cups 2 1/2 by 2 tall

    Elm Platter 14 1/4 by 1 1/4

    Cherry Bowl 14 by 4

    Cherry Bowl 14 by 5

    Maple Bowl 5 1/4 by 2 1/2

    Maple Oil Lamp 5 x 3

    Maple oil lamp, 5 1/2 by 2

    Maple and Bubinga Bowl 6 x 1 1/4

    Thin Maple Plate 5 x7/8

    Thin Walled maple bowl, spalted and figured. 5 1/2 by 2.

    cherry bowl with worm holes 9 by 3 1/2

    maple bowl with slight figure, 4 3/4 by 2 1/4

    maple plate 6 1/4 by 1/2

    Maple NE Figured Bowl 6 by 2 1/2

    Cherry Plate bowl 8 1/4 by 1 3/4

    Maple and Black Walnut thin warped plate 5 1/4 by 1. This really warped a lot.

    maple figured and spalted bowl 5 1/2 by 1 1/2

    cherry bowl 7 3/8 by 2 1/4

    Ambrosia Maple Bowl 7 by 2

    blackwalnut bowl 10 1/2 by 2 3/4

    pierced maple and blackwalnut plate 4 1/2 by 5/8

    Black Walnut Pepper and Ash Salt Shakers. Ash was made about 3 yrs back, Black Walnut just this thanksgiving. Dad made the platter holder, but we have decided its better upside-down

    maple bowl 5 1/2 by 1 1/2

    Maple Plate 6 3/4 by 1 1/2

    Black died maple plate 6 3/4 by 1 1/4

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    Black Walnut Ring Holder

    Cherry Baby Rattle

    Birds Eye Maple shifter knob


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    That's some fine work Ben! You should be proud of all of it. Looking forward to what you come up with this year and in the future.

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    Nice work. Some really lovely wood there.

    But how did you get so many pix in one post? I thought the limit was ten.

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    really nice work there Ben.I like Carol am woundering how you got so many pics in one post?
    BTW if i had to pick just one i guess it would be the maple oil lamp(51/2x2). thanks for sharing and looking foward to seeing what you come up with next.

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    Nice work !!! Most of the wood is beautiful
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    Nice work Ben. I bet your old dad is very proud of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken werner View Post
    Nice work Ben. I bet your old dad is very proud of you.
    NAW he wasnt when i was over there this fall ,, but he did show me your work before his nicely done Ben,, quite the collection.. that thin vertical rimmed bowl must have been tricky to turn and not have it break..that is really thin
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    Great to hear from you Ben and nice to see you are still spinning wood. It is too tough to pick just one out of that gallery, but the pierced plate is very unique!! And about that wedding goblet "set".....something to tell us?
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    Wow! you have been holding out on us.

    So many nice pieces. My favorite is the second oil lamp.

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