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Thread: Maple burl turning

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    Maple burl turning

    Yesterday was the first time I have turned maple burl wood - still green - turned very smoothly actually

    Picture 1-2 show the left over of cutting the blank for the lathe - will probably go to the firewood pile - dragging my feet I hate to waste it but I do not turn small stuff.

    Picture - 3-4 show the rough out flare neck vase - turned to finish - needs sanding and drying time - approx 1/8 thick - you can tell if you look at the neck in the pictures as you can see light thru it - not shown is that i did turn down the base to a 3/4" nub and wrapped it for the night (ran out of time again) - ill probably put a coat of sanding sealer on it and bag it to dry slowly inside - I used my Monster hollowing rig with a 3/4 adapter and tooling for this one.
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    Dan looking good. Make sure you show this one when you get it finished, as i'm sure it's gonna be one cool looking piece.

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    Very fine. And, yes, I can see the light.
    Looks like a much used (meaning much loved) lathe. What kind is it?
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    Looks pretty good Dan.
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    Interesting form. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

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