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    Name Plates

    I made these right before Christmas for customers and still like the finish on one . I have orders for five more and I told the customers that since it's a hobby and I'm the Boss it would be after the first before they would be made and they said they had no problem with this . These are made of Austrian Pine - in this part of the Nation people love these name Plates and I'm making more of these than anything else . I want to thank Mr. Steve Good for his Pattern printer for making my life a lot easier in making these name plates .......any comments are welcome .......
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    glad yur stayun busy marshall,, wont be long and yu can hire your self to work on the wknds too enjoy the journey
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    Neat. You could start an active sideline making and selling those.
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    They look pretty good to me!

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    Instead of, "Signs of the Times," you could call these, "Signs of the People."

    Nice work.


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