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    Planer Pal

    Anyone here use it? I have been looking at them for the past couple of weeks and doing some research. I can see a lot of pics, but have not seen any reviews on how well they perform.

    I have watched Bob Vaughns video a couple of times and sees how he makes his own setting jig, which seems doable, however as I sit in the cold and snow of chicago, working in my unheated garage to make one does not sound like a good time to me. So as I thumb through catalogs waiting for warm weather, I thought I would see if these are worth the investment

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Personally I never seen the need for them.
    I've always had good luck using the supplied knife setting jigs that come with the machinery.

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    unfortunately, the old Parks I picked up last year did not have the factory jig with it. Maybe I will search around and see if Parks ever supplied that type of jig.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Hmmm. Well that changes things.
    Not sure if Parks supplies anything. Surely they do, did.
    I used to have an old parks 12"
    Came over on the ark I think. Rivited frame, babbitt bearings, flat belt drive.
    It has spacers under the knives. No adjustment of any kind. Knives wore down, you installed a thicker spacer.

    Does yours have adjustment screws under the knives?

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