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Thread: My new bestest tool and friend

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    My new bestest tool and friend

    Well i have been hankering for a granite flat surface to sharpen on for some time. So when i could not get the deal i wanted at the habitat restore it I decided to heck with them and went to my trusted store yup you guessed it Lee Valley.

    If you aint got one of these beware, if you get one you will be doing what i spent a week doing. Sharpening everything in your shop.

    You might remember that a friend of mine gave me a whole roll of wide double sided tape. Well this stuff is tremendous. I lay a sheet of it over the granite (which by the way comes with a certificate of flatness) and then peel off the top cover and voila you have the perfect flat sticky surface. Sheet after sheet of sandpaper can be placed down used and then lifted without disrupting the sticky surface.

    So i took out evey plane and started from scratch with sole flattening and blade lapping and sharpening.

    Yeah i got tired of reaching for tools that were less than sharp and nicked etc.

    This slab of granite is wonderful. If you like the scary sharp sandpaper method of sharpening boy this is for you. Forget glass. forget the shapstones etc, this beats it all. Oh and a few sheets of the 15u water paper by 3M but for that i take some varsol (mineral spirits) and clean the top of the granite off and stick it down on its own. That stuff is amazing for honing. Until you have tried this stuff you will never believe how amazing.

    I am also convinced its better than herbs yellowstone and leather for honing. Why? Simply because the danger i found with the leather honing is the tendency to round over the edge ever so slightly. As ya all know sharp is when to straight edges intersect. When you click to that point then you get to know what you looking at.

    Gotta tell you before this i lapped on a sheet of melamine thinking it looked flat. Nope. Then tried glass but never got to get a real thick piece because i thought my luck would be to get a piece that is not entirely flat.

    But after lapping the back of blades and soles of planes on this granite i just love it.

    Thick enough and heavy enough that i put it on my workbench ( which i cover first in standard dry sheathing cardboard) then lay a piece of dollar store non skid mat like we use in routing, then put the granite down and it dont go know where and is at perfect work height.

    The results are delightful and amazing and make sharpening a joy.

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    Yeah! A sharp set of tools for a sharp man.

    Be careful you can slice yourself with a sharp tool and never know it...well not until you notice the red sticky stuff on the tool. DAMHIKT!


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Yes Rob, I been preaching about using a granite piece for years. I bout mine for doing leather work about 30 years ago from Tandy but it migrated to the woodworking shortly after I discovered scary sharp.
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    I use a piece of 12 x 12 Polished black granite tile left over from doing my counter tops. Cost like $6.

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    rob show us yur set up,, i got a chunk of granite for the same purpose and after i get some time i need to set up my sharping spot and am looking for some ideas..
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    Thanks for the tips Rob

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    I've been messing with sharpening gimmiks forever. Some are pretty good, most are no good. Haven't tried that one. Will have to.
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    So this means your dust collector is all hooked up?

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    I got a 12 X 18 from Enco about fifteen years ago.

    BTW, if you're using wet/dry paper on it, you don't need tape or glue. Just put a bit of water on the back of the paper and it'll adhere to the granite quite nicely.

    Works with oil (I've used ATF fluid) too, but it's a lot messier.
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    Sharon this was bought before the new years resolutions came into effect.

    Thanks for the tip Jim. I read that somewhere but having the great sticky stuff i thought i would try it anyhow.

    Larry will take a pic when i am out there again. After today i am all sharpened out for a while and i still have all my chisels to go and my jointer. Shoulders ache like crazy. Lots of curlies in the shop on the floor after all the test runs.

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