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Thread: Cherry Wood for Sale

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    Cherry Wood for Sale


    I am hoping that one of you may have a need for this piece of cherry I have had sitting in the shop for the last couple of years.

    I have no need for this and and will not be using it. Seems to me it might be a good piece for a mantle or something large. I guess you could resaw if you wish.

    The board is about 12 ft long x 13 inches wide x 2.25 inches thick. I've never been great at board feet but I think it comes to 29.25 bft. I want to be fare on the price. I see the retailers are asking $8+ a bdft based on thickness like this. I am thinking $7.00 a foot just to sell it quick. Cash and carry please.

    I have attached a few photos.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Located in zip 43026.
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    Not even a comment.

    Am I way off base here on price or is this not something anyone could use? Feel free to correct me if so. I won't be offended.

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    I think it's a good price, just maybe not enough forum members in your area to do the "and carry" part?? Unfortunately I'm sure it'd be pretty expensive to ship.

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    one thing that would help make it more visible is to put your location in the profile so when they look at the post they see your in ohio..i had looked at it some time back and never saw the location,,till today..checked my pricing and yur in the right area price wize,, but i can drive down to ohio for it and have it be worth while.. i know one guy that is not far from yu and he might have a project needing some nice cherry but he needs to say so not me..if i were going threw there then i might be interested ,,but i am not yet
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    1. Better (in focus) pictures would help.
    2. Air dried or kiln dried?
    3. Any warp, cup or twist in it?
    4. I see what look like sticker stains across the face. How deep do they go? How much thickness will be lost in planing them out?
    4. You're talking roughly 30 bf, so the ask is around $210.00, right?

    Amish mills close to me are getting closer to $4.00 bf.

    There's a Woodworking Show in Columbus the first weekend in February. You might be able to sell it there - maybe haul it over to the show area and sell it in the parking lot?
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