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Thread: moisture meter

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    moisture meter

    I am looking to get a moisture meter and I really don't much about the 2 types. I guess That I don't really need a fancy unit, just something that works. I would like to know what you guys are using and if it is pin type or pinless.

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    I have one of these, and it seems fine. There are fancier pinless ones, but at the price point this one was, it seemed like a good purchase.,43513,45788

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    Pinless is painless...

    I have the pin-less type, a wagner mmc 220. I like it's accuracy and its range. I can check the moisture content right through a finish (even plastic) with out leaving a mark. Also it checks a larger area and deeper than most pin type. The only down side is the price. There are less expensive meters by wagner, just look on-line. I've used this for flooring, for picking out boards at the lumber yard etc. Just remember to adjust for species specific gravity. (must be done with both pin and pin-less type of meters). You should receive an instruction book with the meters that will give you that information.

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    I use a pin type.
    I'm a home inspector, so I have some pretty high end moisture meters, one of which is both a pin type and pinless.
    I really don't think a pinless type is the best one to check for moisture in boards.

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    welcome Jack

    Jeff Horton is in the same line of work as you.
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    My brother bought me one from Harbor Tool and Frieght.

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    I don't know from nothing about the moisture meters, but suspect I could use one... I just saw a couple in the PSI catalog that were reasonably priced... both were under $50 if I remember correctly..
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