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Thread: Need your thoughts & prayers...

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    Need your thoughts & prayers...

    Once again, I've been distracted from time with my online family here. Last Friday, LOML and I were out front doing a little work in the yard. The letter carrier arrived, so LOML met her on the driveway to get our delivery. She went back up on the porch to open a box she was expecting - some nice heels she ordered online. She tried them on, liked them a lot and modeled them for me. Next she took off the heels, put her yard shoes back on, and stepped off the porch to take the junk mail to the recycle bin. As she stepped down, her left foot twisted and she landed hard on her right foot, calling out to me that she had broken her leg.

    I loaded her into my Escape and headed to the ER, which was packed with people. We had to wait about 45 minutes, but they went through the X-ray process. I was at the x-ray position with the tech and saw the images as they were taken. The tech and I responded to my wife's questions by telling her the doctor would let her know for sure what was happening. Of course, both of us could clearly see a break in the small bone in her right leg a few inches above the ankle.

    A short while later, the orthopedist applied a split and wrapped the leg and foot, explaining that the swelling would have to go down before he could do surgery to install a plate and some screws. Anyway, we go to the doctor this afternoon to see how her leg is doing. If everything is OK, he'll do the surgery Thursday. I'll let you know how it's going.

    LOML's greatest concern? The last time she missed any time from work was 20 years ago for another surgical procedure. She's been a fanatic about perfect attendance!!!
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    We'll keep her in our thoughts. I hope she heals quickly and get's past the whole "missing work" thing (unless she really likes her job).

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    You've got Bill...
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    You got it Bill
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    Wish her a speedy and complete recovery so she can use those shoes she got.
    Vibes and prayers on the way
    Best regards,

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    Hope the surgery goes smoothly. Wishing her a quick recovery.

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    You got it.

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    Here's my best wishes for a speedy recovery and uneventful procedure!

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    She is in my prayers Bill.
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    Done. May she recover quickly.


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