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Thread: Does anyone steam their own wood?

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    Does anyone steam their own wood?

    Does anyone steam their own wood? I would like to build my own steamer, the local spa is really starting to get annoying with their wining every time I bring my wood and forms down to their steam room!
    I was thinking of using a pvc pipe with a drain in the bottom on a slight downhill slant and a small vent on the up hill side and use an old clothes steamer for the source. Does anyone have a better idea or tips?


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    Brian, Although I have never done it there are a number of folks on here who have. I am sure you will get a number of answers
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    Leevally sells a kettel just for for steaming. Use a peice6" pipe with a end cap or a peice of wood with hinge

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    I did a project a while back and it worked ok, Here is a link to the post,
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    Of course there is also Chucks way you can see here when he makes his handles for his fantastic beer mugs

    here is the thread link

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    I bend a lot of thin strips and I just use a heat gun on it. No water. It's the heat not the moisture that allows it to bend. But if you doing thicker pieces that need to steam for a long time then the heat gun probably wouldn't be suitable.
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    I've done a moderate amount of steam bending, but rather than try to explain it, I'll point you to a booklet that you can download from Lee Valley. It is great, like most everything they do.

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    I did the PVC pipe and it worked OK, but if I were doing it regular like, I'd build a proper plywood steam box, the PVC is not fun to handle and it actually sagged on me a bit in the middle.
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    Thanks for the info!

    Thank you much! I will start a steam box here next week and give it a try! (maybe I can steam my lunch while I wait and have it keep my coffee warm too! Well, maybe not. How does cedar flavored coffee sound?)


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    I have a 6" dia chunk of schedule 80 pvc, which is a lot more robust than the regular stuff. Regular pvc will sag, and I stopped using it because of that. Be careful of making the box too big because it can be difficult to get the whole works hot and keep it that way.

    I made a wooden trough out of some plywood to keep the pipe from sagging before I got the thicker stuff.

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